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Expand your brand presence and receive specialized one-on-one career coaching. Hosted by Thomas & Danielle Adisi. Live virtual class meets Monday’s at 10:30am CST.

Applicants must be/have:

A portfolio containing 1+ professional IMDb credits
Represented by an agent/manager

This studio group is for actors who have demonstrated commitment to the craft and growth in their career development. Actors in this studio group work together in classic scene study format to dive deep into character and confidence. Actors must have at least 1 professional IMDb credit and some form of representation to be considered for this group, or have completed at least one year of GRoLAB and our 10XACTIVATE intro video course.

We'll help you dig deep and hone a powerful acting technique & business knowledge.
Lifetime access to our private "CoLAB Mastermind" Facebook group

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